Tich Button cast unites for trailer launch at Karachi Arts Council

The cast of the upcoming movie Tich Button came together at the Arts Council of Pakistan for its trailer launch on Tuesday evening looking all glamorous.

The cast of the movie includes famous faces of Pakistan like Feroz khan, Farhan Saeed, Sonya Hussain, Iman Aly, Sohail Ahmad, and Marina Khan.

Sonya Hussain and Feroz Khan were missing at the trailer launch. The trailer premiere turned out to be a glitzy affair, with plenty of pretty faces and their fans gathered under one roof.

Tich Button is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed who described the movie as a “romantic comedy”. The producers of the movie are Muhammad Jerjees Seja, Urwah Hocane, and Farhan Saeed, under the banner of ARY films.

The trailer appears to show a love rectangle between the main characters, implying that the story is about friendship and betrayal. The movie seems to be a mixture of comedy, suspense, and heartbreak.

Sonya Hussian and Farhan Saeed appeared as a couple in the first half of the trailer, but we see sparks between Feroz and Sonya, and Farhan and Iman in the second half.

While discussing the title of the movie, the director said, “Tich Button is to do with the same thing, compatibility, that is, when pairs become important for one another. They can be friends, parents, siblings, etc.”

The film is set to release nationwide on 11 November.

Tich Button was originally scheduled to be released more than two years ago, but after the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the film release was postponed to when things would get back to normal.


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