Tiger gives jungle safari bus a frightening experience

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    A video that quickly went viral captured a startling incident during a jungle safari, where a tiger clung onto a tourist bus.

    When tourists embark on a safari in the jungle, the presence of tigers becomes a major attraction, and the excitement of catching a glimpse of these majestic creatures is unparalleled.


    However, the experience takes a terrifying turn when the same animal unexpectedly approaches or locks eyes with you during the safari. Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter, depicting a group of tigers closely following a tourist bus throughout the safari.

    In the video, which gained significant attention, a tourist vehicle can be seen navigating through a tiger enclosure. Suddenly, a massive tiger begins to approach the bus and eventually attaches itself to the vehicle, moving alongside it. Surprisingly, none of the passengers inside the enclosed bus seemed frightened by the encounter.

    The video, shared on Twitter on June 1, has already amassed over 93,000 views and received 2,845 likes. Unfortunately, the incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers involved in close encounters with wild animals.

    In another distressing incident shown in the viral video, a woman sustained severe injuries after attempting to pet a tiger by placing her hand inside its enclosure. The tiger came near the woman, seemingly trying to grab her bag, but instead, her hand got caught, resulting in her injury.