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Nothing is easier than being busy, and nothing is more difficult than being effective. There are two poles of ethics: the first is being busy, and the second is being productive. They are both different from each other. People used to mingle with both of them. They thought being busy was a sign of effectiveness. If you were busy for a whole day doing work that didn’t align with your main goals, What would you be doing? The busy being or the effective one. When our day-to-day work aligns with our goal, we might call this being productive in our 24 hours. Why are some people more successful than others? Do they have an extra hour? Or do they have superpowers? They won’t feel lethargic, or they have some mantra for being productive this much. These are the jargon that comes to mind unintentionally. Human face sweat syndrome He feels that if he worked hard, he would be busy, but in this modern epoch, we need to deviate from this old, traditional path. Modern technology is here to help us and make our lives easier. People think that mobile phones trap most of your time, but on other levels, they can save lives.

The sweat syndrome is ingrained in human psychology; people prefer to be busy because this gives them senseless satisfaction. If you can complete your work in 15 minutes, why are you extending the time and completing it in 2 hours? Just because you want to look busy. The corporate world taught us a lot. Companies have yearly, quarterly, and weekly goals, which help them monitor them and work in the best possible way. Similarly, people need to work on their life projects. They must have annual, quaternary, and weekly objectives that give them a broader idea of possibilities. Instead of this, people flow with the flow; it seems that they accept randomness. They don’t have a pre-planned day, which helps them know that they are going in the right direction. It doesn’t matter how much work you do; the only thing that matters is whether you complete your first priority work. Planning saves 2-3 hours of execution, and you have a systematic flow of work along with their deadlines. This will give you clarity about what kind of day you want to create. If you start winning your day, at the end of the month, you will win your month, and at the end of the year, you will win your year. This shows that you need to have a keen eye for the regular 24 hours of the day. Habit is second nature and ten times nature. You need to track your habits to achieve your objectives. The better you give your input, the better you will get your output.


We all are emotional beings. We all want a comfort zone which means that we need to have self-control first to reach the destination. Time is a limited resource. We don’t know what the future will behold for us. To keep this thing in mind we must be proactive and track our time. The way we manage our time similarly we need to manage our time. Time is a resource that should be managed professionally along with great caution. This means that we must know what we will be doing in the upcoming hours this will save lots of time. Do the things which are abide to be done by you and if you can’t just delegate. Delegating is a good thing but this doesn’t mean that assigning duties to others is a passport to freedom from role and responsibilities. You need to keep an eye on this because you are delegating this and at the end of the day. The person is doing your work. If you can’t do nor delegate then Drop. Don’t stress because sometimes things aren’t in your favor all you need is to be focus on your priorities. Mourning over the spilled milk won’t help you.

Deadlines do wonders. We all want to enjoy our lives, which is totally normal. If you can complete your work before office hours, this seems totally normal, and you use your leisure time for swimming, golf, and other hobbies. The last and most important is your environment. Does your environment support our work? You can’t study at a party, which means that to study, you need to have a quiet and comfortable place. Similarly, your desk is an essential part of this. Don’t have an unorganized desk. This will make you procrastinate. Have a clean desk, and don’t place everything within arm’s reach. Place things that are important to you. Place things that you can use for your particular task. If you have everything within arm’s reach, this will be like an invitation to interruption. You deviated. You can lose your focus by jumping from one task to another, and at the end of the day, you achieve nothing. When we place magnifying glasses under the sun, we can write anything on the rod of iron. This magnifying glass converges all the rays; this is the power of focus. What if you give 100% focus to the most important task? You will definitely win your day, which will motivate you for the upcoming days.


Arisha Irshad Ali Is a Graduate of DOW Medical University Karachi. She is interested in highlighting social issues, Climate change issues and health-related issues. She has worked with several news websites as a freelance journalist. She can be reached at :arishamohbani786@gmail.com


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