Top student at Egyptian secondary school receives 1 Million pound car gift from teacher

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    A remarkable gesture took place at a secondary school in Egypt, where a student who clinched the first position was bestowed with an astonishing reward – a car worth a staggering 1 million pounds – by the dedicated teachers.

    Students often give gifts to express their appreciation for their teachers’ affection, which is not uncommon. However, in Egypt, a teacher went a step further and rewarded their student for coming first with a valuable prize.

    This extraordinary act not only boosts the student’s confidence but also showcases the teacher’s exceptional commitment by lavishing students with valuable tokens of recognition, each worth millions of pounds.

    The incident happened in a primary school in Egypt, where a geography teacher had declared that the student securing the top position in a competition would receive a valuable gift. Through a stroke of fortune, the students at the school managed to secure all three top positions. As a result, the teacher bestowed the student who came first, Mahmoud Muhammad Abdul Fattah, with an astonishing gift – a car valued at £1 million.

    This generous-hearted teacher also announced rewards for the students who secured the second and third positions, further enhancing the celebration of academic excellence.

    Hafiz Bakhtyar is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication at the University of Management (UMT). Hafiz Bakhtyar can be contacted via email at He is also available on Twitter under the handle "Bakhtyar Arshad."