Tory leader gets criticized after asking if Pakistan-origin staff was behind Modi Film

A conservative member of Indian origin of the UK House of Lords Raminder Singh Ranger has been facing criticism for his remarks regarding BBC Documentary India: the Modi question.

Raminder Singh also known as lord Rami Ranger wrote a letter to the BBC director general and asked if Pakistani origin staff BBC was behind this film calling it “Nonsense”.

As per the Guardian report, Singh called the documentary insensitive and one-sided and alleged BBC of opening old wounds by creating hatred between British, Hindus, and Muslims.

Ranger claimed that the Indian prime minister had been cleared of any role in the riots and referred to the movie as an insult to him.

“I referred to ‘any Pakistani origin’ staff of the BBC as, unfortunately, the politics of the subcontinent has been known to impact the UK, which again not conducive or helpful to our social cohesion and fragile race relation in building greater community relations,” Singh added.

Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for the ministry of external affairs, claimed that the production’s biasness, lack of objectivity, and continued colonial attitude are blatantly obvious.

This month saw the release of a documentary that questioned Mr. Modi’s management of the violence in Gujarat in 2002. The documentary had already been labeled as propaganda in India.