Toshakhana case and appeal hearings begin simultaneously

PTI chairman fears disqualification, Verdict will be reserved today after final arguments

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The Islamabad Sessions Court has resumed the hearing of the Toshakhana case against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman today.

Yesterday, the court had declared four witnesses of the PTI chairman as irrelevant. In a video statement, Imran Khan expressed reservations about judge Humayoun Dilawar and expressed fear of his disqualification.

On Thursday, August 3, the court has sought final arguments from the parties and said that if the parties do not give final arguments, then the decision of the case will be reserved.

The district and sessions court held a hearing on Wednesday, August 2, declared that Imran Khan had failed to prove the connection of the witnesses presented by him in the case, so these witnesses could not be allowed to record their statements.

District and Sessions Judge Humayoun Dilawar wrote in a detailed judgment that during the hearing, PTI chairman’s lawyer Gohar Ali admitted that all the four witnesses were tax consultants or accountants. The court is not looking into the tax case nor has the complaint against the PTI chairman been filed under the Income Tax Ordinance. Since the complaint is registered under the Election Act, these witnesses have nothing to do with the case and statements cannot be recorded on that basis.

The former prime minister has already recorded his statement in the case, while the Election Commission has also recorded the statements of two witnesses.

The court further said that the verdict will be reserved after hearing the final arguments regarding the case (Thursday, August 3).

On the other hand, the PTI chairman said in a video statement released on Twitter late at night that in the Toshakhana case, he was constantly being deprived of the constitutional right to a fair trial and not even allowed to present witnesses in his defense.

Imran Khan, who issued a message to the nation, said that the higher courts should immediately intervene to stop the path of brutal murder of justice. He expressed concern over Sessions Judge Humayoun Dilawar and said that a plan was prepared for his disqualification. Justice is not expected from the judge, he said.

It should be noted that Imran Khan had filed a petition in the Supreme Court to stop the proceedings in the Sessions Court, which was rejected on Wednesday, August 2.

Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Justice Yahya Afridi, while asking PTI chairman Khawaja Haris to stop the trial, remarked, “What more relief do you want from the Supreme Court? We had given the relief you asked for, it is surprising that you still approached the Supreme Court. Maybe the High Court will provide you better relief than us. Let the High Court decide first.”