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Toshakhana disqualification reference: CEC asks for relevant record from Imran Khan’s lawyer

The chief election commissioner (CEC) has ordered Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s lawyer to provide copies of the reference and relevant documents in Toshakhana disqualification reference.

The coalition government filed the reference against the former prime minister on August 4, alleging that Imran Khan didn’t share the details of gifts received from Toshakhana and proceeds of their sale. The reference demanded the disqualification of PTI chairman under articles 62 and 63.

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The lawyer said that Imran Khan was not a member of the National Assembly (NA), upon which the CEC remarked that Imran Khan was still a member of the National Assembly in the documents of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He added that the ECP had accepted all the resignations it had received.

The CEC stopped the lawyer from interpreting matters as they see fit, adding that a member of the National Assembly could not be de-notified until the speaker sends the matter to ECP after accepting the resignation.

Barrister Mohsin Nawaz Ranjha had filed the reference which was signed by other lawmakers including Agha Hassan Baloch, Salah-ud-deen Ayubi, Ali Gohar Khan, Syed Rafi-ullah Agha and Saad Waseem Sheikh.

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The CEC asked Imran Khan’s lawyer to go to media for speeches and directed him to discuss the law. He also added that they have to decide the case within 30 days.

On the request of the lawyer, the CEC ordered to provide the records and adjourned the hearing of the case till August 22.

A subordinate of Barrister Ali Zafar, Imran Khan’s lawyer, requested for adjournment on the basis that Ali Zafar was busy with other matters and hence unable to attend the hearing.

Talking to media outside the ECP after the hearing, Mohsin Nawaz Ranjha said that Imran Khan has lied. He said that Imran Khan will have to appear before the ECP and give receipts.

According to Toshakhana Rules, 1974, they are applied to the president, prime minister, Senate chairman and deputy chairman, speaker and deputy speaker of National Assembly, federal ministers, ministers of state, members of parliament, government servants and also employees of autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies.

It is mandatory that gifts of a certain value are deposited in Toshakhana. However, an official can keep the gifts after paying a certain percentage of the price assessed by the Toshakhana evaluation committee.



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