Tourists in Murree

It is saddening to see poor condition of tourists  in the most beautiful place and in the land of pure people. This is a question mark for the administration. Many tourists took their heels  towards beauty site of murree to taste  snowfall over there  but they were unknown that this would be their last tour of their  life.

It hurts to see beautiful souls who have lost their precious  lives for going enjoyment. Actually, the flaw does not lie on people and it’s not their fault and they must not be blamed.  Here finger must be raised on administration because of their blind eyes toward tourists. As result of week authorities the faultless souls lost their lives.

It’s a shame for current government who did not save the lives of tourists. More than twenty tourists lost their lives and many more stuck such unbearable temperature.

It gives pain to listen eight persons died from one family. According people over there, the people who breathed their lasts due to lack of food and as result of high freezing temperature.

In short, It is requested to high authorities kindly to do their best and provide facalities to tourists and save their precious lives.

Written by Muhammad Zarif