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Traders’ group demands Imran’s arrest

A group of traders led by Naeem Mir from All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran has expressed severe concern over what it called an anti-army statement of former prime minister Imran Khan, and demanded his arrest.

Famous for splitting loyalties, from PML-N to PTI and then from PML-N, Mir was furious over the remarks, saying they were tantamount to weakening the force which guaranteed the sovereignty of the country.

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His Anjuman-e-Tajran is considered one of the many traders’ organizations having political affiliation with the PML-N.

Mir was close to PML-N between 2013 and 2018 before joining the PTI for a short span of time. However, he left Imran Khan’s party before the elections. Many say he parted ways with the PTI following refusal of party ticket. He had then demanded a meeting with the PTI chairman but that too did not happen. The president of the Anjuman Tajran, however, denied the reports.

All traders stand with the Pakistan Army, Mir said, adding that it was the main defense line of the country. He was addressing a press conference along with other traders of his group. He alleged that Imran Khan called army chief Mir Jaffer and this was nothing but ridiculing the army for his nefarious political aims. “The army is the guarantor of security and stability of this country,” he said, adding that Imran Khan must be declared a public traitor for his allegations against the army.

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“Imran Khan is a traitor himself who has split the society and destroyed the economy of the country,” Mir alleged and said that the former prime minister will fail in hiding his corruption.

He continued that the PTI government was responsible for the poor economic situation of the country. “If the dollar had not been out of control, cheap petrol and wheat would have been available today,” he said and noted that the former government brought the trade deficit to $39 billion in only 10 months.



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