Trading Corporation of Pakistan falls short to recover approx. 38 Billion rupee dues

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The National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan, ship owners, and Trading Corporation of Pakistan Private Limited (TCP) owed about Rs. 38.66 billion in unpaid debts to these entities.

In an audit report for the fiscal year 2021–2022, the Auditor General of Pakistan said that the TCP management’s sloth was to blame for the recovery of unpaid debts.

According to the paper, government entities owe approximately Rs. 18.56 billion in liabilities, while ship owners and other people owe Rs. 188 million in principle. In the meantime, TCP is owed more than Rs 19.78 billion by the National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan.

Out of the approximately Rs. 38 billion in outstanding liabilities, TCP has only been able to recover a meager Rs. 655,000.

The organization is in charge of acquiring supplies for food security, as well as urea, wheat, and sugar to deal with emergencies.