Tragic death of 10-Year-old Sara Sharif in London, parents run away to Pakistan

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London authorities are investigating the tragic death of 10-year-old Sara Sharif, who endured severe injuries over an extended period before being found dead.

Sara’s father, Irfan Sharif, who is currently in Pakistan, alerted the UK police to the situation.

Detectives are seeking Irfan, his partner Beinash Batool, and his brother Faisal Malik for questioning.

The family had traveled to Pakistan with five children, ages 1 to 13, on August 9, a day before Sara’s dead body was discovered on August 10.

A post-mortem examination did not determine the cause of death, but it revealed multiple sustained injuries.
Det Supt Mark Chapman, from Surrey Police and Sussex Police Major Crime Team, said: “While the post-mortem has not provided us with an established cause of death at this time, the fact that we now know that Sara had suffered multiple and extensive injuries over a sustained and extended period has significantly changed the nature of our investigation, and we have widened the timescale of the focus of our inquiry.”

The investigation’s scope has expanded due to this new information. Authorities are collaborating with various agencies to ensure justice for Sara.