Tragic ‘honour’ killings shake Karachi: Father takes lives of daughter and boy

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In a tragic incident that occurred early Friday in Karachi, a man fatally shot his young daughter and a boy in the name of ‘honor.’ Reports indicate that the lifeless bodies of an 18-year-old girl, Larib, and a 20-year-old boy, Ahsan Waqar, were discovered inside a car near Karachi’s Al-Asif Square.

The Sohrab Goth police swiftly responded to the scene, uncovering that both victims had been killed by the father of the girl, who is a doctor from Larkana town.

Police officials reported that the accused, Dr. Raffiq Ahmed Shaikh, opened fire on his daughter and the young man who had come to drop her off that morning.

They revealed that the girl had been missing from her home since the previous night, and a heated argument had taken place between the father and the boy before the tragic shooting inside the vehicle.

In connection with this double murder case, both the father of the girl and his son, Abdullah Shaikh, have been taken into police custody for further interrogation.

Hanif Samoon is a senior journalist based at Thar/Badin and contributes reports from different districts of Sindh to Minute Mirror. He has won a number of awards, including the Agahi Award twice for his stories on health and child rights. He tweets @HanifSamoon1 and can be reached through email at