Tragic incident in Karachi: Woman discards newborn from rooftop

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In a deeply distressing turn of events, a mother stands accused of hurling her newborn baby girl from the top floor of a building, resulting in the infant’s tragic demise.

The heart-wrenching incident unfolded within the vicinity of No. 4 in the Liaquatabad area. It was here that the mother reportedly committed the unfathomable act, discarding her newborn daughter, who had only entered this world five hours prior, from the rooftop of the building, leading to the infant’s untimely death.

The maternal uncle of the innocent victim promptly reported the incident to the authorities. He provided a harrowing account, detailing how the newborn was callously thrown from the apartment’s highest floor.

Local law enforcement swiftly initiated an investigation into this heart-rending case to uncover the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. Preliminary findings suggest that the girl’s mother is grappling with substance addiction, which could have played a significant role in this distressing occurrence.

Authorities have taken custody of the mother, acknowledging her apparent struggle with mental health. She will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by medical professionals to better understand her condition.

It has also been revealed that the woman had gone through a divorce a few years prior, shedding light on the potential compounding factors contributing to this tragic incident. As the investigation unfolds, the community and authorities grapple with the profound sadness and disbelief that such a heart-rending event could occur.

Shaheer Gul Khan is a final-year student of English Literature at Government College University (GCU) Lahore. Strives to create a challenging and engaging environment having editor skills in freelancing, a goal-oriented. He can be reached at Twitter @HafizShaheerGu1.


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