Tragic incident of Honour Killing: Girl burnt alive in Jhang

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In Jhang’s Basti Dabwala, Garh Maharaja area in Punjab, a tragic incident occurred where a young girl lost her life due to a brutal act committed by her own family in the name of “honor,” as reported.

The District Police Officer (DPO) named Tariq Mehboob took immediate action upon receiving information about the crime. All six members of the victim’s family, including her father Rajab Ali, brothers Jaber and Aamir, and sisters Kausar, Sameera, and Aasia, were swiftly apprehended by the police.

The authorities revealed that the victim, who was initially taken to a medical facility for treatment, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries. During her recorded statement, she disclosed that she had left her home because she desired to marry someone of her choosing. In a horrific act of retribution, her vengeful father, brothers, and sisters doused her in petrol and set her on fire, leading to her tragic demise.

In light of this appalling crime, the DPO instructed the investigation team to thoroughly probe the incident from all angles and ensure the apprehension of any other individuals involved in this heinous act.

Honor killings in Pakistan remain a deeply rooted and distressing issue that continues to claim numerous lives, predominantly targeting women. These killings, perpetrated under the guise of preserving family honor and societal norms, are driven by a distorted sense of patriarchal values and rigid cultural beliefs.

Addressing honor killings required a comprehensive approach that includes legal reforms, education, awareness campaigns, and a shift in societal attitudes. Efforts must focus on challenging deep-rooted patriarchal structures, empowering women, and fostering a culture of respect for individual autonomy and human rights. Only through such collective efforts can Pakistan work towards eliminating this abhorrent practice and ensuring a safer, more equitable society for all.