Triple bypass survivor Colin Hancock sets Guinness World Record for longest life post-surgery

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    British citizen Colin Hancock has officially become a long-term survivor of triple heart bypass surgery, living for the longest duration possible.

    According to Guinness World Records, Colin Hancock, who underwent triple bypass surgery three times, became a long-term survivor.

    In his recent statement, Guinness mentioned that on August 4, 2023, it has been 45 years and 361 days since Hancock’s operation, and he has achieved the honor of holding the global record as a triple bypass patient living the longest.

    The institution revealed that Mr. Hancock was 30 years old when he felt chest pain, and within a year, he underwent triple bypass surgery three times. Although the surgeries were successful, it was uncertain how long he would survive. Hancock was informed that he would continue to suffer from heart issues throughout his life.

    The previous record was held by American citizen Delbert Deal Meek B, who, after his operation, lived for 41 years and 63 days, passing away at the age of 90 in 2015.

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