Turkey lauds Pakistan for support after disastrous earthquake

Turkey’s ambassador Mehmet Pacaci said that Pakistan was one of the first countries to respond to Turkey’s request following the deadly earthquake that struck the Kahramanmaraş province. Turkey requested outside assistance as soon as the seismic crisis began.

A total of 102 nations offered assistance, and approximately 5,000 personnel from 59 nations are currently engaged in search and rescue operations there.

“Together with our Pakistani brothers and sisters, the Pakistani government was one of the first to respond to the earthquake calamity.”

Prime Minister Sharif contacted us and our authorities as soon as the crisis broke out, he claimed.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari together with other Federal Ministers paid a visit to the Embassy to offer their condolences. The Turkish people are immensely grateful for the PM’s most recent visit to Adyaman, one of the most severely damaged provinces by the earthquake.

According to Prime Minister Sharif, Turkey will receive all the support and assistance it needs, and every effort will be made to help the earthquake-affected regions mend their wounds. –

The government established the Relief Fund and gave the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan instructions to coordinate all in-kind humanitarian contributions with our authorities.

Since the first day of the tragedy, the NDMA has provided over 4,000 winterized tents and more than 8,000 blankets to Turkey by the needs of the earthquake-affected districts, all in coordination with our Embassy, the ambassador continued.

Approx. 25 thousand blankets and nearly 3,000 winterized tents are traveling by truck to Turkey.

It is anticipated that they will all arrive in Turkey Hatay, one of the most hit provinces, on February 23. More than 4,000 winterized tents will be sent to Turkey using specially arranged cargo flights this week and the next week.

“We also want to express our gratitude to our lovely Pakistani brothers and sisters for their prayers and well wishes for the restoration of our nation.” Deep within our hearts, we feel their prayers. With their amazing help, we think we can defeat this catastrophe, he said.