Turkey says it is in talks with Israel regarding transporting gas to Europe

Picture source - AP

Ankara on Friday claims that it is in talks with Israel regarding the issue of gas transportation to the European Union.

According to an i24 news report, Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said: “These negotiations between Turkey and Israel are underway and, as far as I know, the next meeting will be held in October,”

He further added that the delegation will consist of both sides’ energy experts and policymakers.

The announcement comes as Israel is in dialogue with Lebanon, facilitated by the US, to delineate their Mediterranean border. According to the report, it will allow both states to increase their offshore gas exploration.

The goal of Israel is to increase its energy exports to Europe, as cited by the report.
As earlier this month Prime Minister Yair Lapid along with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin Said, “We are going to be part of the effort to replace Russian gas in Europe,” as per the report.

Lapid also added that Israel is going to “10 percent” of what Moscow was delivering to Europe before Russia invaded Ukraine, as cited by the report.