TV channels cover Balochistan only 34 seconds a day

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A government officer has criticized the electronic media of Pakistan for shamelessly ignoring Balochistan.
Balochistan Information Secretary Hamza Shafqaat tweeted on Monday that he has been in the office for the fifth as the provincial information secretary.
“In these five months, the Balochistan government sent at least 20 media packages of its best projects by itself, but no major private channel aired even single one.”
He compared Balochistan coverage on the national media to other provinces.

“Surprisingly, on an average Balochistan gets only 34 seconds a day on major private TV channels and that too only negative news. Yes, only 34 seconds.”
He said that currently only PTV and Radio Pakistan are covering Balochistan.
“Why are private channels so reluctant to give positive coverage of Balochistan while even grade 17 officers of Islamabad get coverage?” he concluded.
His scathing remarks attracted even more scathing remarks for the national media from his Twitter followers.

Hassan Basharat said: Journalism was done by journalists now it is done by businessman.


Faseeh Hassan tweeted: A very pertinent question raised by Hamza sir. Who doesn’t want to portray positive image of Baluchistan? Our entire media industry is punjab centric and that needs to be changed.

Several bloggers saw an opportunity in Hamaz Shafqat’s complaints and said he should invited them to Quetta so that they could serve him well.
So, what do you say, dear Hamza Shafqaat?