Twenty-two officers are controversial, but why?

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In a democratic system, states have three pillars ,a state without the legislature is nothing, without the judiciary it is impossible and can not run successfully without bureaucracy. Bureaucracy ensures the implementation of court orders and works in the capacity of government officials every moment of the day. It runs state affairs according to government decisions, promotes state matters according to political party manifestos, and implements government policies practically. This institution ensures the implementation of state laws, which directly provide relief to the people and stop the hand of the oppressor while safeguarding the victim with judicial orders.

This is bureaucracy, which guides ministers who are ignorant of the constitution, laws, rules, and regulations how to govern. It is the guardian of fundamental human rights and has also taken on the responsibility of providing the necessities of life to the people. These employees of the state of Pakistan are not members of any political party, but political parties have always tried to divide the bureaucracy into friends and enemies. Just as the judiciary is being divided by portraying judges as biased, the bureaucrats are also presented as loyal to the rulers instead of the state, which is synonymous with shaking the foundations of this institution called the administrative system. By making it controversial and dividing it, the desire for a certain administrative system is being created. What kind of service to the state is this? The bureaucracy also bears some responsibility for these situations.

Enough is enough , and now they must present their positive face and carry out state affairs with impartiality. The implementation of the policies of the elected government is the responsibility of the bureaucracy, but it is also their responsibility to uphold the rule of law. This is a delicate stage where the higher ups of bureaucracy need to come forward and guide juniors , be impartial and follow the rules and regulations to eliminate favoritism. It is the responsibility of the bureaucracy to work and function with everyone, regardless of whether the government is democratic or authoritarian, civilian or military, People’s Party or Muslim League, Tehreek-e-Insaf or any other party. However, the dignity of the service or institution should not be compromised.

It is possible to reject any unconstitutional order, but one may have to bear temporary losses or criticism ,history will remember them. The government and the opposition should also trust the bureaucracy and play their constitutional role in improving the administrative organization. Otherwise, good governance will remain a dream. Politics may be individual, but bureaucracy is everyone’s asset. Therefore, the bureaucracy should be everyones’. Currently, there is a discussion about a list of 22 officers from the Pakistan Administrative Service, Provincial Management Service, and Police Service of Pakistan. The administrative officers are being ridiculed, and such lists should not be created. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party believes that these officers are controversial and should not be posted in Punjab for the upcoming elections. It is surprising to see this list, and it appears that whoever created it may have done so based on personal bias. The majority of these officers have worked with all governments, especially with the last PTI, Punjab and the federal government, and if they were controversial, why did the PTI government appoint them to important positions during their tenure? If we look at the service record of these officers, those who called them controversial will not be able to justify their position fairly.

Some of these officers were very popular with the PTI government, and at that time Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar not only liked them but also praised their work. In this list of 22 officers, there may not be anyone as devoted and angelic as the principles of the State of Madina, but there is also no one whose hard work and competence can be questioned or accused of being biased. If these officers are visible in every era, then no politician, party, or anyone else is behind them; rather their hard work, dedication, and competence is what makes things happen.

The current governor’s secretary, Nabeel Awan, is at the top of this list. He was the best health secretary of Punjab during the PTI era. Captain Usman Younis remained Lahore’s commissioner during the PTI era besides being the health secretary, and if he had been the golden boy of the PML-N, why would he have been removed from the position of Chief Commissioner of Islamabad and then till date he holds the position of OSD in Punjab.Umar Sher Chatta was the deputy commissioner of Imran Khan’s district Mianwali and was made the deputy commissioner of Lahore district of the provincial capital on the basis of his good performance. Sameer Ahmad Syed, during the Buzdar era, performed extremely well as the DG LDA and in several other important positions. Muhammad Ali Randhawa is an extremely upright and hardworking officer. Ajmal Bhatti was appointed as the Secretary of the important department of Energy in Punjab and he also did a good job as the Secretary of Health in Southern Punjab. At that moment, he was in the good books of Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid. No one can doubt Ahmed Raza Sarwar’s capability and hard work; he remained an excellent Secretary for various departments during the PTI government. Aamir Karim Khan remained in the Chief Minister’s office for almost two and a half years and later he was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of Multan for a period of eight months. Surprisingly, such a controversial officer has been appointed to such important positions. Dr. Rashid Mansoor has been retired for many months, and Syed Ali Murtaza remained the Secretary of various important departments of Punjab during the PTI government. Chief Minister Buzdar liked him a lot and if he was given the choice to appoint him , he would have appointed him as the Chief Secretary.

I.G. Punjab Dr. Usman and C.C.P.O. Lahore Bilal Siddique Kamyana did not hold important or high-ranking positions in Punjab during the PTI government, but they are hardworking and competent officers, with go-getter attitudes while also being experts in completing their tasks. Rao Sardar Ali was the I.G. during the PTI government in Punjab, while Raza Safdar Kazmi’s service was mostly in Lahore. Sohail Chaudhry, Babar Sarfraz Alpa , Suhail Zafar Chatha, Rana Ayaz Salim, and Ali Naser Rizvi didn’t serve long in important positions during the PTI government in Punjab, but they are among good police officers. If the PTI government comes to power again, these officers can be good assets. Finally, I would like to tell the seniors of PTI, please reflect on your actions and do not sow the seeds of hatred for each other in politics.