Twitter launches new and improved TweetDeck with enhanced features

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In a recent update, Twitter has introduced a better version of its popular management tool, TweetDeck. The upgraded platform offers improved functionality and a fresh interface, promising a smoother experience for users.

Twitter made the announcement by a tweet, informing users that they can access the new TweetDeck by selecting “Try the new TweetDeck” in the bottom left menu on Existing users need not worry, as all their saved searches, lists, and columns will be seamlessly carried over to the new version.

The enhanced TweetDeck now allows users to create and publish tweets directly within the platform, thanks to the inclusion of full composer functionality. Moreover, the integration of Spaces, Twitter’s audio chat rooms, enables users to effortlessly join and participate in live conversations.

One exciting addition is the video docking feature, which lets users watch videos while engaging with other content on TweetDeck. Additionally, users can now create polls, allowing for interactive surveys and the gathering of audience insights.

However, it’s important to note that the Teams functionality in TweetDeck is temporarily unavailable. Twitter assures users that this feature will be restored in the coming weeks, enabling teams to collaborate and manage social media accounts more efficiently.

Twitter is also taking steps to enhance user security and combat abuse on the platform. Starting today, users will be required to verify their accounts within 30 days to continue using TweetDeck. Verification ensures that users are authentic and trusted individuals or entities. By implementing this measure, Twitter aims to create a safer and more reliable environment for users to manage their Twitter presence and engage with their followers effectively.