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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Twitter relaunches blue tick service

Twitter’s new chief executive has relaunched the blue tick service after the initial launch ends in disaster.

The initial attempt last month came just 10 days after Musk’s $44 billion obtaining of the platform and a wave of mass layoffs that resulted in the lessening of the company’s staff, including teams of staff in charge of content moderation.

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The subscription service costs $8 per month for users accessing Twitter on the web and $11 if signing up on an Apple device.

This time twitter strengthened its verification process by adding a Twitter review necessary to obtain the coveted blue mark.

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In an effort to prevent impersonation and false information, Twitter will now only allow organizations and public figures to use the blue checkmark that signifies their accounts have been verified.

During Twitter Blue’s first launch, there was a stir as numerous phoney accounts that claimed to be businesses or celebrities started to appear which resulted in Musk’s team abandoning the plan.



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