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Twitter releases details of Blue for Business

Twitter has released the details of a subscription service called Blue for Business.

This subscription service was introduced with Twitter Blue last week but at that time the company did not give details about Blue for Business. Through this subscription service, Twitter will provide badges on individuals or accounts associated with companies to identify which organization they belong to.

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Twitter’s product manager Esther Crawford said in a tweet that the social media platform has introduced a pilot program called Blue for Business for specific companies. He said the program would be extended to more companies next year.


Those receiving the Blue for Business subscription service will have a small badge with a profile display name to know which organization they work for. Profile pictures of brands, media houses and other companies are also being squared instead of round so that there is a clear distinction between the common people and these institutions.

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It’s unclear if the square profile photo is part of the Blue for Business package. According to Twitter companies, media houses and sports teams will be able to link the accounts of their employees, journalists and players through this feature.

But it is not yet clear whether these adjacent accounts will also have a blue tick or not while nothing has been said about its fees.


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