Twitter’s blue verified tick to be removed by April 20

Picture source - Reuters
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Twitter owner Elon Musk stated that the legacy blue checkmarks on Twitter accounts verified under the previous administration will be erased with a deadline of April 20 set for implementation.

Previously only available to verified accounts of public figures like journalists, famous people, and politicians, the blue checkmark is now available to anyone willing to pay.

Musk has said that the decision is intended to increase the business’s subscription revenue.

Twitter announced late last month that it would stop using its legacy checkmarks by April 1 and provided links for those who wanted to keep using them.

Twitter switched to paid verification, according to Musk, who also cited the need for income and the need to combat bots. Musk joked in response to Stephen King’s objection to paying for a blue checkmark, saying “We need to pay the bills somehow!”

Musk has previously stated that the website would charge $8 per month to authenticate users’ accounts in November of last year.