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UK commits additional aid for Pakistan to rebuild after floods

The United Kingdom is expected to announce additional aid for Pakistan’s rebuild after devastating floods last year.

Currently, Pakistan and the UN are co-hosting a summit in Geneva, Switzerland, to assist garner support for the recovery and reconstruction of the South Asian nation.

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British Minister Andrew Mitchell will announce the funding package at an international conference in Geneva.

With British support, Pakistan will get water, sanitation, cash, and shelter, on top of funding already pledged to boost climate resilience and adaptation.

Earlier, the UK helped with clean water and healthcare in more than 17,000 households in Pakistan.

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A Pakistan Appeal was also launched by the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in September. The appeal received an incredible reaction from the British populace, raising more than £40 million, including £5 million in UK Aid Match funds.

The UK and its international partners joined forces to support Pakistan’s rebuild and recovery from the floods last summer that affected tens of thousands of people.

For the next three to five years to rebuild the destruction, it is predicted that the nation will require about $16 billion.

The UK being one of the first countries to respond to the disaster is now allocating over £9 million from its Pakistan budget to help tackle the impact of the flooding, bringing the total it has now committed to the humanitarian response to £36 million.

This additional funding will support the government’s efforts to plan for a future that is climate resilient while also assisting those who are most in need of basic services. In addition to nutrition to combat malnutrition, financial assistance, shelter, and protection services for women and girls are all provided with support from the UK. These programs also help avoid waterborne infections.

The program also included assisting 20,000 kids in returning to school and offering 170,000 people access to basic healthcare services. In addition to the £55 million already committed, this new cash will help Pakistan adapt to the changing environment.


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