UK MP apologizes for his remarks on Pakistanis regarding Modi documentary

The British MP has withdrawn his remarks about Pakistani journalists and British Pakistanis and apologized for his alleged racist remarks.

Conservative Party member Rami Ranger alleged that British Pakistanis were involved in grooming girls and drug dealing and said that BBC’s Pakistani-origin staff was behind the documentary India: the Modi question.

According to reports, Rami Ranger was angry with the BBC film based on Modi’s role in the Gujarat riots.

He wrote a letter of displeasure to the BBC on the film against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking whether the staff of Pakistani origin was behind this ‘Laghu’ film.

Rami Ranger had said that 30 to 40 Labour MPs depend on the votes of Pakistanis.

On the other hand, Labour MP Dodds had said that Rami Ranger’s statement on the Indian channel was provocative and racist; the Lord’s Commissioner had been requested to investigate whether Rami Rangers violated the rules.