Ukraine hit with missiles as world leaders meet in Bali

Russian Foreign Minister leaves for Moscow, G20 summit will end tomorrow

Picture source - AP

As the world leaders meet in Bali, Ukraine has been attacked with 70 missiles, BBC has reported.

According to the Russian news agency Tass, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has left Bali to head back to Moscow. The G20 summit will officially end tomorrow.

Since Ukrainian forces seized the significant southern port city of Kherson on Friday these are the first Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Explosions have been heard in Ukraine. According to reports two central buildings in the central Pechersk district were also among those hits, the city’s mayor Vitali Klitschko has been quoted as saying.

There have been reports the Governor of Krivyi Rih has said that cruise missiles were fired from a Russian Tu-95 bomber.

Advisor to Ukrainian Defence Minister Yuriv Sak has said, “Right now as we speak I have seen reports that about 70 ballistic missiles have been launched on Ukraine.”

Blasts were also heard in the north-eastern city of Kharkiv, Interfax news agency has said.

Kharkiv’s mayor Igor Terekhov has said that there was a missile attack on the city. However, he had no report of casualties. Igor said that due to the damage there were problems with the power supply in the city.

Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne has also stated that explosions were also reported in the northern city of Zhytomyr.


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