Ukrainian Army celebrates liberation of ‘strategic’ Snake Island

Picture source - Atlantic Council

Ukraine’s Army on Thursday celebrated the withdrawal of Russian forces from Snake Island in Black Sea, which had been captured in the first days of Russia’s invasion.

Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhny expressed thanks on Telegram to the defenders of Odessa region, “who took maximum measures to liberate a strategically important part of their territory”.

“Unable to withstand the fire of our artillery, missile and air strikes, the occupiers left Snake Island,” Zaluzhny said.

Moscow had said earlier it was leaving the island as a “goodwill gesture”, to allow Kyiv to ship agricultural products from Ukraine.

“They always downplay their defeats this way,” Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Twitter.

He also called on Ukraine’s western allies to provide more weapons “so that we liberate more of our lands”.

Ukrainian presidential aide Mikhaylo Podolyak said on Twitter, “So, in order for Russia to show its goodwill, we have to beat it up regularly.”

Ukraine has accused Russia of stealing its grain, contributing to a global food shortage caused by grain exports blocked in Ukrainian ports.

Snake Island became a symbol of Ukrainian resistance after a radio exchange went viral at the start of the war, in which Ukrainian soldiers used an expletive in rebuffing a demand by a Russian warship to surrender.