Umar Akmal gets emotional as he reflects on challenging period post PCB ban

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Umar Akmal became emotional and shed tears as he recounted a challenging period in his life when he was banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) due to a breach of their anti-corruption regulations. During an interview, the Pakistani cricketer shared his sentiments about the difficult times he went through.

Akmal expressed that the period he endured was something no one, not even his adversaries, should have to face. He spoke about the way Allah tests individuals by giving or taking away things. He also mentioned how he experienced people revealing their true colors and distancing themselves from him during his tough times, but he was grateful for those who remained supportive.

He discussed the obstacles he confronted, including a time when he lacked the means to provide a simple burger for his daughter or cover her school fees. He recalled the emotional struggle of not being able to send his daughter to school for eight months. He emphasized that his wife stood by him steadfastly during this trying phase, and remembering those days brings tears to his eyes.

Akmal expressed deep gratitude for his wife’s unwavering support. Despite her privileged background, she assured him of her continuous backing, regardless of the severity of the circumstances. He acknowledged her exceptional support and appreciation for her understanding.

The 33-year-old cricketer, who last participated in an international match in 2019, conveyed his determination to stage a comeback through hard work and dedication. Akmal’s suspension by the PCB in 2020 was a result of his violation of anti-corruption regulations. Originally handed a three-year ban, he contested the decision at the International Court of Arbitration, leading to a reduction of his sentence to 12 months.