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UN votes to launch investigation into Russian human rights abuses in Ukraine

UN Human Rights Council votes 33-2 to hold perpetrators accountable

The United Nations Human Rights Council in a sweeping vote on Thursday agreed to launch a probe into the purported grave violations carried by Russian troops in Ukraine, placing their conduct further under scrutiny.

Expressing concern over the extrajudicial executions, civilian casualties, the use of torture, and abuses against children, the council voted 33-2 to form a probe into purported violations.

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China and Eritrea chose to vote against the resolution, whereas 12 countries, which include India, Pakistan and Cuba chose not to vote. Russia labeled the unprecedented meeting of the UN’s top rights body a political stunt and rejected attending the meeting.

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova addressed the council and told it that a 11-year-old boy, who had now been traumatized, was sexually assaulted in front of his mother. She went on to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces were inflicting acts of “pure evil” in Ukraine.

Speaking from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, she said that Russia had been carrying out the most horrific human rights violations on the European continent in decades.

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Dzhaparova went on to say that Ukrainians had faced nothing but sheer horror for 10 weeks.

She said Russia’s list of human rights crimes was endless which included torture, enforced disappearances, sexual and gender-based violence. She called on the international community to stand with Ukraine, saying that “this pure evil” could only be defeated by a united world.

Russia was part of the 47-member Human Rights Council until the UN General Assembly in New York on April 7 voted to suspend it. Russia then instantaneously pulled out from the council.




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