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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Uncontrolled inflation, flour shortage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The flour crisis continues throughout the province, including Peshawar, and a bag of flour has become more expensive in retail and an 80 kg sack has reached 13,500 rupees. Due to not having stock the shopkeepers decided to close the shops, Most of the wholesale shops in the Areas of Rampura Gate, Ashraf Road, and Dalzak Road have been closed.

According to dealers, they are ready to buy flour at high prices but there is no more flour in the market to buy, In Peshawar on Saturday, a bag of fine grain flour increased from 3300 to 3350 rupees in wholesale, while 80 kg bag has reached the historical level of 13 thousand 500 rupees. The bakers have requested the management to make the bread for Rs 30,

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According to the sources in the areas of Chok Yadgar, Ghanta Ghar, Namak Mandi, Sabzi Mandi, Shaikh Abad, Ashraf road, Lahore Adda, Kohat Adda including shuba Bazar, Bread has already been increased to Rs.30 in various places, but The backers have increased the price from 5 to ten rupees that are now Rs.30 an application has been made to the district administration.

According to Vice President Kamran Khan, the management had given a price list for selling bread at 15 rupees when the sack was 6 thousand rupees, but today the sack has exceeded 13000 rupees. The bakers have demanded an increase in the price of bread.

“Bread has become expensive in Punjab. Bread should be made expensive in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa too, while the district administration has rejected the request to increase the price of bread. People’s backs have been broken due to inflation. There are no signs of improvement.” Sources say that inflation and food prices will increase further due to IMF conditions, ghee, cooking oil, rice, dal, black tea, and other food items are also beyond the purchasing power of the people.

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According to the information obtained from the Department of Statistics, chicken has become Rs420 per kg. Ghee prices have increased by Rs50 per kg, black tea has increased from Rs1200 to Rs1400 after an increase of Rs200 per kg. After the increase in the prices of flour, chicken, and food items, the prices of ghee and black tea have also increased. Ghee in the third category has increased from 380 rupees per kg to 400 rupees per kg, from 450 rupees. Along with ghee, the prices of oil have also increased. The increase in the prices of 1 kg, 5 kg, and 20 kg of ghee and oil has been implemented since yesterday.

On the other hand, dealers have started selling the old stock at new prices. The trend of increasing the price of farm chicken in the whole province including Peshawar continues and per kg, chicken has become 420 rupees. Along with this, the campaign to boycott of chicken has also gained momentum on social media, but despite this campaign, the prices continue to increase, while the price of farm eggs has reached Rs285, the retail price of one egg is now Rs25.


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