Undercover commissioner exposes disturbing conditions at Bahawalpur zoo

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    Bahawalpur Commissioner Dr. Ehtesham Anwar went undercover as an ordinary citizen and purchased a ticket to conduct a thorough inspection of Bahawalpur Zoo. During his visit, he discovered that the health of animals and birds was severely compromised due to poor sanitation conditions, an unsanitary environment, inadequate food, and the supply of dirty and contaminated water.

    Furthermore, the public toilets were in a deplorable state of cleanliness, and visitors were being overcharged. Taking swift action, Commissioner Bahawalpur Division held the Curator of Bahawalpur Zoo responsible for the negligence of duties, corruption, and the destruction of national assets. In a letter addressed to the provincial secretary, Commissioner Bahawalpur resigned from his position and urged action under the PEDA Act.

    In response to the Commissioner’s letter, the Provincial Secretary promptly issued an action order under the PEDA Act of 2006, suspending the accused officer. Commissioner Bahawalpur expressed his dissatisfaction with the mistreatment of animals, birds, and other creatures at the zoo, stating that such cruelty was unacceptable. He questioned why human rights advocates and social organizations, who advocate for human problems, remained silent on the ill-treatment of voiceless animals and birds.

    Commissioner Bahawalpur emphasized that when humans take control of any living being, they also bear responsibility for their hunger, thirst, and overall well-being. After his visit, Commissioner Bahawalpur took to his social media account and wrote a detailed article about the distressing conditions he witnessed at the zoo. The article received significant praise from social media users, who expressed their happiness and satisfaction with Commissioner Bahawalpur’s actions.


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