Understanding importance of animals, birds in our life

Visiting zoological gardens helps visitors, especially children, teens and youngsters, to understand importance of animals and birds that how they can take care of wild creatures, and it has a significant impact on lives and welfare of nature.

I believe that families can also learn from these zoological gardens about importance of conservation and animal care. As a visitor, we can learn unique stories about animals and birds and their habits. Through this practice, we can enjoy a healthy relationship with zoo inhabitants.

We must remember that animals and birds deserve more love, care and respect from humans, as they also share this world with us. I want to mention here a recent story – as most of us have seen a ‘viral’ video on social media – that shows two ostriches running on Lahore’s Canal Road.

With fear, the flightless birds were running over a busy road as some people were trying to capture pictures and videos for their social media platforms. I am sorry to say this was not a way to disturb the already scared ostriches – it seems they were in search of some kind of a natural habitat nearby.

One of the running big birds died due to negligence of a person who tried to capture the ostrich through its neck. It is astonishing that the other ostrich disappeared from the scene despite the fact that Lahore is one of Pakistan’s safest cities with extensive camera monitoring.

It is a fact that ostriches get aggressive when they are in panic. A frightened big bird runs as fast as they can. This is how they show their aggression. It is not normal to see an ostrich running on a busy road from a car’s window, and that was also not normal for ostriches.

There is a need to educate people in mega cities or cities far from natural habitats of wildlife to be careful of unexpected or sudden activities of animals or birds – not often seen in these areas – inside posh areas or on busy roads. Non-government organizations need to launch awareness campaigns in this regard.


Written By Muhammad Huzaifa | Lahore


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