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United we stand…

‘Unity is a basic need for prosperity and development of any society and country. It is the spirit of "all for one and one for all" which gives us strength while living together"

Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphasized the unity of Islamic countries and said that human rights abuses will continue happening unless the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is united. While addressing the landmark summit of the OIC’s foreign ministers, he said that concern of the Muslim countries regarding Kashmir and Palestine is not being heard because there is ‘no unity’ among the Islamic countries. Presently, not only the Islamic countries are not united for their common interests but within the countries, their people are also divided and have not been given any direction by their leadership. Imran Khan opined that in the world, 1.5 billion Muslim’s voice is insignificant because of their division.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is the world’s second-largest inter-governmental organization and represents the collective voice of the Islamic world. In his article in the Arab News newspaper, Imran Khan wrote that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – which is the world’s second-largest inter-governmental organization and represents collective voice of the Islamic world – has proactively advanced the shared interests and objectives of the Muslims. “It has sought to promote international peace and security, understanding and dialogue among civilizations, cultures and religions, and to foster the noble Islamic values of peace, justice and mutual respect.” On Afghanistan, the premier wrote that OIC must act collectively to avert a humanitarian crisis and economic collapse in the South Asian country, which is now under Taliban. He suggested OIC to engage actively with the Afghan authorities to promote human rights, especially women’s rights, encourage greater inclusivity, and develop effective strategies to eliminate threats from the country.

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His suggestion about the establishment of an OIC “Commission for the Future” is a futuristic approach to study trends in science and technology, trade and finance and recommend a clear long-term strategy. Besides promoting economic cooperation with all countries and groups, he suggested that OIC should exploit economic complementarities among the Islamic countries, utilizing the Islamic Development Bank and other OIC institutions. A special expert task force could develop a plan for economic, financial, trade and technology cooperation among the member states. The prime minister rightly emphasized Muslim unity on the basis of their common interests. Labeling Muslims as ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals’ is another problem faced by Muslim minorities living in different countries. If Muslim minorities are facing these problems in the world, they also need to show national integrity, solidarity, and unity in their own majority countries.

We must remember that unity is a basic need for the prosperity and development of any society and country. It is the spirit of “all for one and one for all” which gives us strength while living together. In democracy, we tolerate others who have different views and faiths, and, at some lower level, also keep in mind the different economic and cultural interests of different factions. In an open society, we enjoy different viewpoints on everything, this provides us an opportunity to know about others’ experiences and their thoughts gained out of their varied professions and environments.

Healthy criticism is welcomed in democracies. Positive criticism always accompanies better alternatives and do-able positive suggestions. When we involve in criticism and a theorization of our ideas, we should keep in mind the purpose of collective wisdom, which is the smartest technique of the modern human being, for marching ahead. It is not only the accommodation process of various interests but linking different systems into the whole country’s system. This saying remains a strong truth that wise people are those who learn from others’ experiences, lesser wise are those who only learn from their own experiences and foolish are those who don’t learn even from their own experiences. This highlights importance of patient listening and showing tolerance to opposite opinions.

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We live together as a nation and our national unity means thinking alike about national goals related to the environment, better health and education opportunities, peace, and better quality of life for all the citizens. We are never wrong if we highlight our problems and demand solutions. There is also a need to be conscious about our own social responsibilities without which we can neither do any good to ourselves nor for other people of the country. Criticism must be based on sincerity and contain some workable suggestions for the betterment. If so, our thoughts can become foundations of the national plans and guidelines to keep the rulers on the right track. In our case, national leadership cannot prove its statesmanship. Politicians are running their business with fake commodities and fake promises to the masses. Extremism, hoardings, black marketing, and profiteering are encouraged by the opposition’s attitude. Their only purpose is to entrap the present government by creating and exaggerating problems for the masses.

Common people are fed up with this type of politics which is nothing but a blame game against each other with the purpose of gaining power by hook or by crook. A common Pakistani doesn’t see any way out of this agony. During the general elections, the propaganda noise from all sides is even enhanced and a foggy atmosphere is created in which sanity seldom prevails. Still, there are people who have wisdom and can pave the straight path for the nation at the moment of decision. Unfortunately, their wisdom and clear words are always blurred by the looters of the national resources. Hue and cry raised with their huge expenses and might make them always right. Politicians know that money makes the mare go.

Such attitudes of the dominant classes give the common people a feeling of depression and injustice. They start hating the prevailing political, economic and social system. There are many ‘change movements’ like Pakistan Jago Tehreek, and with their ‘change the system’ agenda, they are getting popularity day-by-day. Status quo politicians must take it as a clear warning for them and should think about necessary changes in the constitution through a national consensus, ignoring which this nation can face serious consequences.



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