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Friday, January 27, 2023
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UNSC to discuss Taliban ban on female NGO workers

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to meet in the next week to debate the Afghan government’s decision to forbid female humanitarian relief workers.

The United Arab Emirates and Japan proposed the private meeting for January 13th through a tweet.

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The head of the UN’s relief efforts Martin Griffiths will visit Afghanistan in the coming weeks to meet with Taliban leaders.

The Taliban-led government issued the ban on female humanitarian workers on December 24. It came after a restriction on women attending universities earlier in the month.

Earlier in March, girls were forbidden from attending high school.

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At least four significant international organizations shut down their work in Afghanistan because they claimed they couldn’t manage their projects without female workers.

Foreign ministers from the G7 nations urged the Taliban to urgently reverse the ban last week.

In a joint statement, the ministers of the G7 nations, as well as Australia, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands expressed their deep worry over the Taliban’s rash and hazardous order which puts millions of Afghans at risk who depend on humanitarian aid for their life.

According to the UN, 20 million people in Afghanistan are suffering from severe hunger, 97% of the population relies on charity for survival, and two-thirds of Afghans live in poverty.


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