US abstains from statement on PTI contacting Donald Lu for apology

The United States has abstained from making any statement on the allegation regarding Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf contacting Donald Lu.

The media has reported that the question was raised to the US State Department official whether PTI’s Overseas Secretary Abdullah Riyar had contacted the United States’ Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs, Donald Lu, for an apology for blaming him as the cause of Imran Khan’s ouster.

According to media reports, without naming the US official, the US State Department official abstained and said that they did not comment on private meetings.

Former prime minister Imran Khan, before his ouster from the PM office, had alleged that the US was behind the no-trust motion against him, claiming that Donald Lu had sent an alleged threat letter to his government.

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif had said that the coalition government had the records regarding PTI official’s meeting with the US official for offering an apology. He also said that despite blaming the US in the public gatherings, Khan has been apologizing for his mistakes.



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