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US asks Ukraine to be flexible in negotiations with Russia

The United States is secretly pressuring Ukraine to indicate that it is willing to speak with Russia, even while the State Department said that Moscow was intensifying the conflict and did not genuinely want to have peace negotiations.

According to the Washington Post citing a source, the appeal by American officials was not intended to force Ukraine to the bargaining table but rather was a deliberate move to guarantee Kyiv retains the support of other countries.

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In regions of Europe, Africa, and Latin America, where the war’s consequences on food and fuel costs are felt most acutely, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s ban on negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin has caused anxiety, US and Ukrainian officials acknowledged.

It also suggestsed that the US and Ukrainian officials acknowledged that concerns had been raised by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s decision to block talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in regions of Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Zelensky in his weekly speech said to the Ukrainian people that everyone is aware of our position. This demonstrates respect for the United Nations Charter, our nation’s territorial integrity, and our people.

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According to US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Washington’s support for Ukraine would continue to be “unwavering and unflinching.” Sullivan made this statement while visiting Kyiv on Friday.

US officials announced an additional $400 million in security aid for Ukraine, including the refurbishment of T-72 tanks from the Czech Republic and missiles for HAWK air defences that might be used to counter Russian drones and cruise missiles.

The US has given Kyiv military aid worth more than $18.2 billion since the invasion with this latest assistance.



  1. How do you negotiate with a modern day Hitler? Appeasement does not work. Through the valiant efforts of Ukraine, our help and Europe’s help, we now have the opportunity to clip Russia’s wings short enough that it would not be the menace it has been for decades. Why let go of such unique opportunity to bring relative peace and tranquility to the world?


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