US claims to have recovered ‘Non-humans’ (Aliens) from UFO crash sites

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The House of Representatives held a significant panel discussion on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon (UAPs), commonly known as UFOs, signaling a serious acknowledgment of the need to investigate mysterious sightings at the highest levels of government.

During the meeting, witnesses shared their encounters with objects that defied known physics, discussed the fear of pilots speaking up, mentioned the recovery of biological material from these crafts, and even alleged retaliation against whistleblowers. All participants recognized that these anomalous phenomena could pose a potential national security threat.

While the hearing did not reveal any groundbreaking evidence of alien life, the fact that the witnesses received a major hearing before Congress was noteworthy in itself. Lawmakers and witnesses emphasized the importance of greater transparency from the military regarding UAPs.

Retired US Navy commander David Fravor recounted his encounter with a “tic-tac” shaped UAP in 2004, which displayed technology far beyond anything known to us. Other witnesses hinted at the suppression of information and punishment of whistleblowers, raising concerns about classified knowledge.

One intriguing exchange involved a South Carolina Republican, Nancy Mace, asking about the recovery of “biologics” from the retrieved crafts. The response suggested that these “biologics” were non-human, according to individuals with direct knowledge of the program.

Witnesses also called for an official reporting process for military personnel and the public to report unexplained sightings without risking their jobs.

While most lawmakers took the matter seriously, some expressed skepticism about extraterrestrial involvement and suggested that the UAPs might be related to secret government programs or military contractors’ crafts.

Over the years, UFO investigations evolved from secretive meetings to televised panels, becoming a rare bipartisan issue in Congress. Former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump have also addressed the topic in public interviews. The US military has gradually acknowledged these encounters while refraining from speculation about their origins.

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