US Congresswoman assures Imran of highlighting HR violations before State Department

When you say of Constitution being denied, it certainly is alarming, your life is in danger and so of others, says Ms. Waters

Another part of the leaked audio between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters has surfaced. Imran Khan highlights human rights (HR) and Constitutional violations.

In this portion of the Zoom meeting tape, Imran Khan tells US Congresswoman that there has been a use of force to stop the voices of the people on social media. He said that they banned social media and have been picking up guys who were raising voices for the right.

Ms. Waters responding to the former prime minister said “Thank you for having the trust in me, to engage me.” She said that she was more willing to respond.

However, the congresswoman said that she didn’t know the reason why the US State Department has not picked up on this and someway tried to engage for prevalence of democratic norms.

the remaining parts of the Zoom meeting also went viral on social media.

Maxine Moore Waters said that the US has a responsibility of supporting democracy around the world.

Responding to the issues raised by Imran Khan, she said “When you talk of the Constitution being ignored and denied; when you talk about the level of disrespect, it certainly is alarming, your life is in danger and so is the lives of others.

Ms. Waters assured that she will exercise everything that she knows of how to do. She said that she will certainly engage with the State Department and raise the issue.

The Congresswoman said that they [State Department] don’t seem to be embowed to what is happening in Pakistan. She said that she will fight for what is right and for the supremacy of Constitution.

She assured Imran Khan of responding back and tell him everything she’ll learn.

PTI Chairman, in response thanked the Congresswoman for understanding his point of view.

Imran Khan said that brazenly the government is actually going after the Supreme Court. He again said that the Constitution is gone, Supreme Court is final authority but its orders are also violated. He added that holding the elections is being constantly being violated.

Earlier, another part of the conversation had surfaced, in which PTI chief could be heard talking to Ms. Waters about the issues beforehand.

Imran enraged by privacy breach as audio with US congresswoman goes viral

In the purported audio the former prime minister was heard pleading with US Congresswoman to express concern about Pakistan’s violations of human rights and the rule of law the recording.

The audio on Saturday came at a time when Imran Khan and the government are at odds over a number of topics, including the violence that broke out following Khan’s incarceration in a corruption case.

A bench has been established by the PDM-led government to look into audio leaks involving SC judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa.

In the tape, Mr. Khan was heard pleading with Ms. Waters to speak out against human rights abuses in Pakistan. He informed her about the attempted assassination, the “best economic indicators” of the nation under his leadership, and the “unprecedented” human rights abuses being done by the current administration.

“It makes a lot of waves in our country when some like Maxine gives a statement,” he encouraged Ms. Waters.

Imran calls phone eavesdropping a “serious privacy breach”:

According to the PTI Chairman, “This is a serious violation of the right to privacy protected by Article 14 of the Constitution.”

He challenged the terms of reference established by the federal government on Twitter and demanded action. He also demanded that “not only should individuals who unlawfully get data through phone tapping and monitoring be held accountable, but also those who fabricate and tamper with various phone calls in order to disclose it on social media.”


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