US does not object to Pakistan’s agreement to buy Russian oil

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The Biden administration said it will not object to the contract after Pakistan placed its first order for inexpensive Russian oil.

When asked to comment on Pakistan’s decision, a representative for the US State Department told media in Washington on Tuesday afternoon, “Look, each country is going to make its own sovereign decisions as it relates to its energy supply.”

“The United States kept the door open for such investments when it slapped limitations on Russian oil after Moscow invaded Ukraine last year,” according to Vedant Patel, the department’s chief deputy spokesperson.

“One of the reasons that the United States, through the G7, has been a big proponent of the price cap is to ensure that steps are not being taken to keep Russian energy off the market because we understand that there is a supply-demand,” Patel explained.

Even though Pakistan did not ratify a price cap on Russian petroleum products approved by Washington, the US had previously stated at briefings that Pakistan can buy oil from Russia at a lower price.

“But we also need to do something to prevent [President] Putin’s war machine from profiting from the Russian energy markets,” Patel said.

Last week, following an agreement reached between Islamabad and Moscow, Pakistan made its first order for discounted Russian crude oil. One cargo is scheduled to arrive at the port of Karachi in May.