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US govt will revise policy of resettlement for Afghans

The US government is halting the temporary migration of Afghans to the country with a few exceptions.

According to a senior official, the US government is concentrating on reuniting close relatives with opportunities for permanent residence.

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The policy change comes in response to criticism that the administration failed to adequately plan the evacuation of Afghans at risk of Taliban retaliation when it withdrew the last US troops from Afghanistan a year ago.

This criticism came from some lawmakers, refugee organizations, and veteran groups.

The US government claims that the evacuation at Kabul Airport and a suicide attack that killed 13 US military personnel and more than 170 Afghans was a success.

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According to a report by the Reuters news agency, a senior administration official told reporters on Wednesday that the administration’s “commitment to our Afghan allies is enduring” during a briefing on modifications to the relocation policy.

The US would no longer admit Afghans under humanitarian liberty that allows temporary entrance but no road to lawful permanent residency.

According to the official, the amended strategy would put a strong emphasis on moving close family members of US citizens, those with green cards, and Afghans who were given Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) because they posed a threat to the Taliban due to their employment with the US government.

The revised policy is the result of months of discussions between the government and the coalition of organizations known as AfghanEvac, which aids in the evacuation and resettling of Afghans in the US.



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