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US investigators claim Chinese jet crash was deliberate

Aircraft was en route from Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21 when it crashed, killing 132 people on board

US investigators have said that evidence suggests that someone on board the airplane deliberately crashed the China Eastern flight in March.

The crash was China’s deadliest air disaster in almost decades as 132 people died with no survivors.

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China Eastern flight MU5375 was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21 when suddenly it took a nosedive from the altitude of 29,000 feet into a mountainside.

The black box from the airplane was sent to the United States for analysis and with the recordings of the last conversation that took place on the flight being recovered last night.

According to international media outlet the Wall Street Journal, data indicates that someone on the flight commanded the plane to nosedive and crash. US investigators believe their assessment is supported by the fact that Chinese authorities have not, so far, indicated any problems with the airplane or its controls.

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Although according to China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) the full investigation could take years, the initial facts show that there was nothing wrong with the plane. CAAC also said that there was no item on the plane that could appear as dangerous and the plane did not meet with any rough weather conditions. It also said that there were no indications of any problem related to flight controls which would need to be addressed in future flights.



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