US issues new policy on drone strikes

Picture source - AP

United States President Joe Biden On Friday approved a new policy on drone strikes being carried out worldwide against terrorists.

According to US officials, the new policy made it more difficult for the CIA and the Pentagon to conduct lethal drone strikes and commando raids outside of conventional war zones.

As per the CNN report, the policy introduced new counter-terrorism strategies. The policy also intends to launch fewer drones strike than the US has in past years.

According to the updated policy approved by US President Joe Biden, the CIA and the Pentagon must obtain the president’s approval before targeting a suspected terrorist in ‘direct action.’

The policy also stated that seizing is preferable to assassinating and the military and the CIA must evaluate the viability of a capture operation.

It also necessitates troops to get the authorisation of the State Department’s chief of mission in a state before conducting an operation there, as officials stated.

The revised drone attack policy does not apply to Iraq and Syria as they are still considered active hostilities or conventional war zones by the US. The new policy is more directed toward countries like Somalia, Yemen, and now, Afghanistan where the US is conducting far away counter-terrorism operations.

Liz Sherwood-Randall, White House Homeland Security adviser, stated that it is critical to saving America from evolving global terrorist threats. That’s why the US is required to make its Counter-terrorism operations meet the highest precision and rigour standards, including identifying appropriate targets and minimising civilian casualties.


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