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Sunday, December 4, 2022
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EditorialUS policy on gun control

US policy on gun control

The United States of America is known as the land of the free. It is a free country and its citizens are also free. The laws are also designed to protect their freedom unless they are a woman trying to get an abortion or a child trying to live without the fear of becoming the next victim of gun violence. Such selective freedom will be the death of the land of the free. There have been roughly 300 mass shootings in America this year alone. These ranged from school shootings to shootings in public places targeting some ethnic minorities. The violence continues as the US does not seem to move towards regulating guns. Anyone can buy assault weapons as long as they are adults. Assault weapons are readily available everywhere for the public to easily buy and use. The case that those in favour of such laws for guns make is that they are for safety purposes. However, this denies the basic element of a state is that its citizens give up a few rights of theirs to receive protection from the state. However, in the pursuit of becoming the freest nation in the world, the US has lost sense of where to stop.

After many school shootings in which many children lost their lives because of some maniac who was able to buy a gun because of the gun laws in America, the state of New York has banned the entry of assault weapons in public places. This is a positive development, however, unless the root is destroyed the plant will continue to grow. The US Supreme Court ruled that citizens have a right to carry arms for self-defence. Such rulings really make one ponder over the idea that is the US really the most progressive state in the world? Why do citizens of a state have the need to carry weapons for self-defence? What is it that they need to protect themselves from? Why does the state not provide enough security?

The argument of self-defence is either flawed or the US is a failed state that cannot even protect its citizens. However, the reason is the lobby which does not allow for laws to be changed. If guns are regulated they will not be bought and this will result in a loss for the manufacturers who control the strings of the POTUS and the SCOTUS and all other OTUSs. Until and unless the lobbying isn’t stopped, there will not be any gun control in the US and people will keep losing their lives to the whims of some terrorist (not the brown, bearded kind). Cases of gun violence only come out of states which do not regulate buying and selling of weapons and America needs to realize this as soon as possible. The only solution to this problem is licensing. Only those with a license must be allowed to buy weapons. Moreover, there should be a complete ban on assault weapons as there is no unknown looming threat to the citizens of America from which they need such kind of protection. The Americans need to wake up and protect the lives of their children otherwise a state of anarchy will prevail.


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