US predicts Pak-China cooperation to turn into military alliance

US Institute of Peace in its report has predicted that the current cooperation between Pakistan and China will turn into a military alliance.

The report stated that the current cooperation between Pakistan and China is moving towards a full military alliance. The United States may try to prevent Pakistan from going under china’s full influence, the experts stated.

The report described the current relationship between the two countries as a “threshold alliance” or alliance that is currently in the beginning but can turn into a full-fledged military alliance, but China’s own mistakes and the actions of opponents can hinder it.

The USIP report stated that adding that geopolitical shifts in South Asia over the past decade, fierce competition between the United States and China, a sharp decline in China-India relations, and the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan in 2021 brought Chinese and Pakistani forces closer together.

The report claimed that cooperation in the field of defense between the two countries is growing rapidly and Pakistan is getting its large defense equipment from China while retiring old American and European-origin equipment.

The Pakistan Navy had 22% of the total ships made by the Chinese and only 2% of the Us-made ones. Military exercises and cooperation between the armies of Pakistan and China had also increased significantly, from 3 in 2003 to 14 in 2021.

The report further said that China’s actions will be important to transform the alliance with Pakistan into a strong and complete military alliance, including giving Pakistan more military assistance and access to sensitive systems such as J-20 stealth fighters or nuclear-powered submarines, and joint peacekeeping missions between China and India or between Pakistan and India.

In addition, the report claimed that China is getting bored of putting money into Pakistan’s economy and is making economic and military investments in Iran.