US President Biden and Pakistan envoy Masood Khan discuss bilateral relations

President of the United States Joe Biden and Pakistan’s Ambassador Masood Khan in Washington discussed building a strong basis for moving the relationship between the two countries forward.

According to media reports, Khan was visiting the White House for the official photograph with the president, which is an established protocol for the newly appointed ambassador.

The press statement by the Pakistan Embassy in the US said that during the ceremony, the ambassador and the president had a brief conversation about the ties between the two countries and building a strong basis to take the bilateral relationship forward.

According to the official protocols, the newly appointed ambassadors have to present their credentials to the head of the state to confirm their appointment as the envoy.

Khan was appointed as the ambassador of Pakistan on March 25. Later on, after the change in the government, there were speculations that these diplomatic appointments could also be changed but Ambassador Munir Akram, Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations, confirmed that no change was under discussion.

Khan received a letter from the US president’s office on April 19 in which his appointment was confirmed. During the ceremony, forty-six other newly appointed ambassadors were also present and all of them had a picture with President Biden.