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US says won’t let ‘lies’ become hurdles in ties with Pakistan

State Dept spokesperson Ned Price says won’t let ‘propaganda, misinformation’ affect relationship with Pakistan

US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price has said that Washington will not let “lies get in the way” of its bilateral relationship with Pakistan, which it values.

Price made these statements during a presser on Tuesday as he answered a question regarding former prime minister Imran Khan accusing the US for his ouster from office.

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Responding to a question, Price said: “We are not going to let propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation — lies — get in the way of any bilateral relationship we have, including with the bilateral relationship we have with Pakistan, one we value.”

Khan alleges the move behind his ouster was conceived by Washington via the help of local collaborators because of his pursuance of an independent foreign policy.

On March 27, the former premier waved around a letter at a rally in Islamabad, alleging that it had evidence of a “foreign conspiracy” to topple his government. Imran did not divulge the contents of the letter when he first mentioned it. However, he disclosed the contents later by naming the US when the removal of the government appeared imminent.

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His allegation was based on a cable received from Pakistan’s then-envoy to the US, Asad Majeed Khan. He had reported regarding a meeting with Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Affairs Donald Lu.

Majeed said Lu had warned that Imran Khan’s continuation in office would have repercussions on bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan.

The Pentagon and the State Department have rejected the allegations, saying there was no authenticity to them.




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