US should stop attempting to control China, says Chinese FM

Picture source - Reuters

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi while talking to his United States counterpart Antony Blinken stated that the US should stop attempting to suppress and control China.

He further urged the US to stop creating hurdles to their bilateral relationship.

Wang Yi went on to say that Washington’s export controls on China have severely harmed its legitimate rights and must be lifted.

According to the statement of the US department of state, Blinken also talked about Russia’s war in Ukraine and the risks it imposes on global security and economic stability.

The US has repetitively highlighted the importance of maintaining and keeping communication between the two countries but has also recently highlighted the consequences of Beijing supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Blinken also discussed with his Chinese counterpart “the need to responsibly manage U.S.-China relations.”

Earlier last week President Joe Biden stated that the US does not seek conflict with China, and President Xi Jinping stated that China is willing to collaborate with the US to find ways to get along for the benefit of both.

China-US relations are facing disturbance after the unannounced visit of Taiwan by US house speaker Nancy Pelosi.


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