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US will act unilaterally to tackle threats from Afghanistan

United States’ Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price stated that the US will act unilaterally to tackle emerging threats from Afghanistan.

Ned Price Stated, “We’ve been very clear that the United States and our partners around the world won’t allow Afghanistan to become a haven for international terrorists who pose a threat to the United States, to our partners around the world.”

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In an August minority report, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee claimed that Afghanistan had once again become a safe haven for terrorists.

The report also stated that the Biden administration’s poor handling of US withdrawal had contributed to a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan.

He also pointed out that Aymen al Zawahiri’s presence in Kabul contradicts the Doha Agreement and the Taliban’s claim to the world that Afghan land would not be used by terrorists.

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“Of course, we know how that story ended,” said the US official, refereeing to the death of Al-Zawahiri.

President Biden, he said, “has been very clear that we will maintain the capacity to act unilaterally if necessary to address any emergent terrorist threats or concerns when it comes to Afghanistan”.

Price also added that US Special Representative for Afghanistan Tom West recently met with the Taliban in Doha and discussed a variety of US interests, including counterterrorism.

The US continues to engage the Taliban constructively and, in light of the Taliban’s protection of al Zawahiri, the US believes it’s safe to say that the Taliban will have to earn the world’s trust, which they can only do through their actions.

The warning followed news reports that Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups have been reactivated in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.



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