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Ushna Shah disgusted at public’s comments on her skin colour

Ushna Shah and the Pakistani public are never on good terms, for the country’s obsession with stereotypes never sits right with the actress who is modern and educated in her upbringing.

This time, it so happened that the ‘Balaa’ fame actress posted a few photos from her vacation in Turkey, one of them showing her carrying an ice-cream while roaming around in the streets of the Eurasian country. Instead of receiving responses the way celebrities usually do from their fans, Shah unfortunately began to receive comments regarding the skin colour of her hands, and the actress got quite upset at what the Pakistani public was concerned with even in 2022.

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Not standing the colour shaming at all, Ushna Shah took to her social media again to upload the following status:

“The amount of nonsense comments from my fellow brown skinned Pakistanis about the colour of my hands in this picture. I drive, I walk in the sun, I’m tanned. I am a BROWN PERSON.”

She also took a sarcastic jibe at the complexes of Pakistanis, who still haven’t gotten over with the ‘white’ standards of beauty, by adding, “My beautiful brown skin tanned hands look amazing with my pink nails, why would I hide or filter (them). Leave the servitude of the British, it’s been a long time to 1947.”



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