Vasay Chaudhry appoints as new VC of Punjab Censor Board

Veteran actor and writer Vasay Chaudhry has been appointed as the new Vice Chairman of the Punjab Film censor Board.

A notification by the Punjab information and Cultural department confirmed the news.

Meanwhile, the producer of the Film the Legends of Maula jatt Producer Ammara Hikmat also got appointed as a non-official member of the Punjab Film Censor Board.

A representative of the Punjab Information and Culture Department said that selecting new members is a standard and formal procedure for conducting business.

He also stated that there is no other specific justification for replacing any member.

According to the notification, five members will be part of the Punjab Film Censor Board.

Vasay Chaudhry will serve as vice chairman, Chaudhry Gull Zaman will serve as chairman, and the secretary of the information and culture department or their nominee will serve as an official member of the Punjab Film and Censor Board, along with the chief secretary of the home department and the secretary of law and parliamentary affairs.

Previously Producer Irfan Khoosat Daughter Kanwal Khoosat was a non-official member of the board.


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